The Difference Course - an online introduction

An On-line Introduction

Tuesday 07 March

12:45 to 14:30 on Zoom


This introductory session is designed to help people hear what the Difference resource is and how it can equip existing ministry. Difference is a five-session course exploring following Jesus in a conflicted world. 

 Attendees will learn how they can deliver the Course themselves, or support someone else in their local context to do so. All the course materials are available on-line.

Jesus set us the example for living in a fragmented world, breaking down walls of division and crossing boundaries. When we follow his example and invite God to be at work within us, we discover new ways of responding to brokenness. 

Difference has been run in student groups, churches, gardens, prisons, and chaplaincies. It can be personalised for further contexts. All of the material is ready prepared and is free to download. The course can be offered in-person or on-line. 

We will cover some of these areas: 

  • Getting a sense of the broader vision behind Difference and how it equips individuals and communities for crossing divides in everyday life
  • How to access the online training to deliver the course in your context. For this part to be most useful you can start by creating an account and having a look at the training and resources on the website
  • A taster session to experience the material

You can view the Course, and further information, by clicking on this link:

To book, please email