Bishop's Bible Day - Saturday 18 March

Location: Northampton High School Newport Pagnell Road Hardingstone NN4 6UU

We’re thrilled that our speaker this year is one of the leading Bible teachers in the country. The Revd Dr Isabelle Hamley, a former Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the author of last year’s powerful Lent Book “Embracing Justice” will give the two keynote addresses on Psalm 23 “The Lord is my Shepherd” and Psalm 137 “By the rivers of Babylon”. There will also be a range of workshops and an opportunity to “grill the bishop”


9.30am Arrivals and Coffee

10.00 Welcome and Opening Worship

10.20 Address from Dr. Isabelle Hamley

11.10 Workshop 1

12.25pm LUNCH

1.10 Workshop 2

2.20 Break

2.40 Address from Dr Isabelle Hamley 

3.20 Question and Answer Session – Dr. Hamley & Bishop John

3.50 Closing Worship

4.00 Depart



You will have the opportunity to attend 2 workshops during the Bible Day.

Workshop choices are:

1. The Uncensored Psalms: taking a look at the bits of the Psalms we find tricky to read with our sanitised view of the world. Richard Ormston

2. Blessed are those who mourn. Reflections on the theme of Lament, based primarily on Psalm 13. Rob Bewley

3. The royal Psalms. In the year of a coronation this is a chance to explore, through the words of the psalms and some of the Anglican music they have inspired, the idea of monarchy and kingship today. Tim Alban Jones

4. Do not forsake me when I am old and grey. Using Psalm 71 as a guide, this workshop will reflect on the spirituality of ageing, including the importance of faith, the effects of dementia on a person's ability to worship, and the work of Anna Chaplains with older people. Liz Kelly

5. Prayers of lament in the Psalms: Why is lament the most common category of the Psalms, either individually or corporately? How has lament been recovered in the prayers of the church over these last 3 years? (This is a slightly revised version of the Seminar Roger gave at the 2020 Bishop's Bible Day in Peterborough Cathedral.) Roger Woods

6. Depths and Heights! This workshop will provide the time to read, reflect and compare two psalms. The first where the writer seems in despair and the other rejoicing in the help he has received. We will then write a joint psalm to address the needs of today. Carolyn Brawn

7. Creating a prayerful culture of growth. Six easy things you can do to refresh prayer and foster a positive culture in your church. Charlie Nobbs

8. In Green Pastures’ – Experiencing the Psalms Outdoors. Many Psalms were written in or about the natural world; join us for a walk and explore the Psalms in their original context (Bring a coat – Hot chocolate provided!) Pete White and Chad Chadwick.

9. How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land? Anxiety, death, threat, fear can prevent us from living life to the full. Explore with Martha in the Gospels of Luke and John to trust Christ in the midst of such turmoil. Psalm 137:4. Charlotte Nobbs

10. “Fixing your eyes on God, especially in difficult times” With a focus on Psalm 137, we will discuss ways to refix our eyes on Jesus at times when we feel out of place, have no energy left to worship or are wondering where God has gone. Working through my own experiences of working at C2C Social Action and my discipleship journey. Angie Kennedy

11. Working with women in dark places. C2C Social Action walk alongside women who have been displaced, abused, rejected are angry and believe there is no hope in the future. In this workshop we discuss how C2C (Crime to Christ) enables women to take back control of there lives and has given hope to those who have none. Angie Kennedy

12. Contemplative prayer and the Psalms. Throughout history, people have spent time with God in silence, to enable them to live every minute empowered by the Holy Spirit. This workshop will offer the briefest insights into how various women and men have used psalms in this practice, interspersed with short periods of contemplative prayer alongside one another. Lakshmi Jefferys

13. Shout for joy to the Lord. A fun and creative look at the praise Psalms. Anne Parker-Tyler

14. Singing the Psalms. A guide to plainsong and Anglican chant. Jem Lowther & Thomas Moore

15. Using Turner's ‘Evening Star’ images of sky and sun. As a springboard thought we could look at some of Turners images of sky and sun in that imagery in Psalm 19 to pick out a verse which came to mind from the psalm. Then using watercolours, pen and ink to create a Turneresque inspired background with words from the psalm. Caroline Hawkins.

16. Stay calm and say a Psalm. Vyv Wainwright


There is no set fee to attend the conference, but we do ask that you make a contribution towards the cost of the event; due to venue requirements we are providing lunch which is increasing the cost to the diocese to approximately £20 per person. We do not expect you to pay this in full, unless you wish, but do ask that a donation towards this cost is made when booking.

We suggest bringing a water bottle as there are water machines available at the school.

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